Arquivo da Universidade de Coimbra
The Archive of the University of Coimbra (AUC) is the depository of the invaluable documentation produced and received by the University of Coimbra, founded by King D. Dinis, on March 1, 1290. The Archive of the University also includes the documental resources of the District Archive, which is associated to the AUC. There are important historical references about the teaching and practice of calligraphy and typography since the 16th century in the Coimbra region and its Colégio das Artes (College of Arts) was the first official Art school in Portugal. For these reasons, this typographic design project was a unique opportunity to understand how we can connect and make interact heritage and future in a long-life solution, in which dichotomies past-present, analogue-digital, linguistic-designer have been some key aspects in reaching our main goal: to create fresh, modern and functional design catalogues, reflecting the heritage of Coimbra, the so called City of Knowledge.
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