Zodiac in Portuguese Pavement Art

In 1963, António Quadros (1933–94), a neo-figurative painter, accepted the invitation of the Aveiro’s City Council to create the drawings of the zodiac to apply in the Marquês de Pombal Square pavement. The work, of such a demanding sculptural detail, was directed by the author, without the use of any molds and executed in the place (1965). In 2003, after the construction of the car parking, the stone zodiac was relocated and systematically reorganized the thousands of stones that are part of this remarkable puzzle that make us walk on an universe of great beauty.
The composition of the 12 signs of the zodiac is one of the most emblematic works on portuguese pavement of the country.
In 2018 our studio was invited to design and produce a identity system to renew and value the square and its artistic portuguese pavement.
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